What is your general approach to photographing a wedding?

Our overall approach is very organic and photo journalistic in style. We feel that the best images happen when you’re not aware that you’re being photographed. As such, we try to be flies on the wall that are still accessible enough that should you want us to get a picture of you, or with your college roommates, you could grab us at any time. 

What does the photo schedule typically look like?

We are always flexible to your schedule, but most we weddings start out separate for the “getting ready” images. Paige will follow the bride and Brett will follow the groom. This typically begins after some prep has taken place so that everybody is already comfortable and looking their best. The important images here are the finishing touches on makeup and hair, zipping up the dress, going over vows, and hanging out with the wedding parties. After this we sometimes do a first look, if not, we typically jump right into the ceremony. After the ceremony some couples chose to do a receiving line. This means that after they exit the ceremony space, they stand in a chosen location and greet all of their guests for the first time as a married couple. If the couple doesn’t chose to do this, we typically break away from the party for a few minutes to get some private, romantic shots of the newlyweds. This usually takes about 15-30 minutes and happens as guests are settling into cocktail hour. We then rejoin the group and document the cocktail hour and any toasts before breaking for dinner. After dinner, we cover dances, cake cutting and any other events that the couple may have planned. And of course we are totally flexible and are there to work with your plan of events!

Should we do a first look?

The first look is a great opportunity to have a private moment before the ceremony to see each other and steal a few kisses before taking the big walk down the aisle. We love doing first looks because we feel that couples tend to feel more emotionally open and less like they’re on a stage. We think that this gives us a chance to get some incredibly beautiful, emotional shots that definitely add to the day. 

How will we get our pictures?

About a week later the wedding we will send you (via email) a link to a ‘sneak peek’ gallery. This gallery will include about 20 images that cover the most important moments from the night. Typically, this means a getting ready picture or two, a first look, the first kiss, a few extra ceremony shots, and anything else that blew us away! 4-6 weeks after the wedding we will send you a link to a complete album. We host all of our images on Zenfolio, a great resource that allows you to purchase prints directly online and have them shipped right to your door. Additionally, we can also mail out a thumb drive hard copy of all of the images by request. 

How many final pictures will we get?

All weddings are unique and some factors like length of the event go in to the amount of final files, but in general for a wedding in the 6-10 hours range you can expect between around 800-1400 final edited images from the event. 

What equipment do you use?

We both shoot on top of the line canon digital cameras. We are currently shooting on canon 5D Mark II’s and Canon 5DS’s. We also come prepared with Canon on-camera flash equipment (600ex-rt II). All of our lenses are L-series and include a suite of macro through telephoto options. We also come prepared with back ups of everything and we are fully insured. All of our editing happens through the Adobe Software suite. 

Can we order an Album through you?

Yes! Paige loves doing albums and studied book design in college. We provide beautiful lay-flat, cloth bound books printed on Mohawk Superfine paper. Each book is made to order and can be fully customized.
Pricing for albums varies depending on individual requests.

What’s your photographic/educational background?

Both Brett and Paige have BFA’s in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), which is a very prestigious degree. If it involves a camera, we know how do do it. We also credit their RISD training for teaching us how to look much more critically than the average photographer. This allows us to capture incredibly artful moments that most people would totally miss. Brett is also currently pursuing his Masters in photography at SVA in NYC.

Can we speak to previous clients for references?

We totally understand the desire to get as many opinions as you can before booking, but we do not distribute previous client contact information. However, a host of reviews from previous weddings can be found on our pages on Wedding Wire and The Knot!

How do we book you?

Send us an email containing your basic information (wedding location and date) and we can start a conversation from there! We have no restriction on how soon before the wedding you can book but we do not book more than 18 months out. All of our bookings are contract based and require a 50% deposit to secure a date. We are also always open to grabbing coffee with you to talk about the details of your day, but this is not required.