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Ben & MaraSneak Peek_16.jpg

We believe

it takes a couple in love
to photograph a couple in love.


We believe

it takes a couple in love
to photograph a couple in love.


Together Brett & Paige founded Nest Egg Weddings.

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Brett and Paige fell in love at art school (RISD)and the rest is history. While both are classically trained artists in their own right, they have found that shooting weddings as a couple and a team have created incredibly strong, intimate images. They believe that their insights as a couple allow for a more wholistic representation of a wedding from both the male and female points of view, but also the view of a pair very much in love. 


We can't wait to be a part of your story.



Also known as “P”

Loves vacation

Speaks French

Really likes dogs

Loves shooting wide angle

Always regrets getting a haircut



Also known as "Teddy"

Is getting his master's at SVA

Loves artisanal coffee

Is great at making up songs for everything

Loves shooting telephoto

Became a “new man” after shaving his beloved mustache



Is a cat

Has never been to a wedding

Is excellent at cuddling

Loves sunning in the kitchen

Also loves talking to birds from the window

Cannot use camera, does not have thumbs

We named Nest Egg Weddings after our cat Egg and the nest we are building together.